NEW YORK (AP) — Advertisements preaching religious tolerance and an end to bigotry are going up in Manhattan subway stations.

A court decision forced the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to accept ads implying that enemies of Israel are “savages” and urging subway riders to “support the civilized man” and “Defeat Jihad.”

Now the MTA has sold additional space to groups that disagree with the message of those ads.

The ads by Rabbis for Human Rights America were to go up Monday. They proclaim: “Help stop bigotry against our Muslim neighbors.”

Rabbi Jill Jacobs of the group told the Huffington Post that the ads were meant to show that the majority of American Jews seek cooperation with their Muslim neighbors.

“We will not … allow the actions of a small minority to be an excuse for dehumanizing an entire people,” she said.

The Christian group Sojourners is paying for ads, also going up Monday, that say: “Love your Muslim neighbors.”

Critics say the anti-jihad ads equate all Muslims or Palestinians with savages. But ad sponsor Pamela Geller has insisted the term applies only to people who support violence against Israel.

The Times of Israel contributed to this report.