Days after joining Facebook and asking the world to “like” his page for peace, President Shimon Peres is reportedly looking to join Friendster and Yahoo 360 as well.

Both social media sites are all but defunct, but the world leader is insisting he be allowed to join them “for the sake of peace.” Friendster exists only as an online gaming site and Yahoo 360 is available only in Vietnam.

“He didn’t seem to understand that they were not Facebook and were not even available to join,” said the president’s social media adviser, Mordechai Yemini. “So we’ve contacted the administrators of both to see if they will make an exception and allow the president to ‘join’ their sites. We know it’s pointless, but it’s better than having him play Farmville all day long.”

According to President’s Residence deputy assistant bureau chief Esther Yehudi, Peres discovered the two sites while doing an Alta Vista search for social media.

“Thank God he didn’t stumble across Google+,” she said. “Nobody uses that.”

Peres’s newest friend: Ahmadinejad

In related news, Peres’s efforts to foster peace via Facebook have already snagged one unlikely follower, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad was one of the first few thousand people to “like” Peres’s Facebook page, according to the Persia Media news service.

“The president does not actually harbor any kind feelings toward the evil Zionist leader,” spokesperson Bigson Teresh told Persia Media. “But in order to receive updates on the Zionist pig’s evil movements, we have been forced by the Jew Zuckerberg to ‘like’ his page.”

Peres welcomed his new friend, saying he hoped they could use the opening to discuss things like peace and bunker strengths and locations.

“Mahmoud and I both realize the power of Facebook to advance peace and learn about new memes,” Peres said in a statement. “I hope to send him a video of a cat playing piano, or Sh*t Ayatollahs Say.”