Hitler would not have approved.

German partygoers have apparently taken a liking to gay, Jewish-themed parties known as “Meshugge Berlin” — so much that the parties are being held six times more often than when they began four years ago.

Organized by an Israeli expat named Aviv Netter, the parties represent “a scene that was doubly stigmatized in Germany only 60 years ago,” Deutsche Welle notes. The broadcaster reports that Meshugge Berlin attracts partygoers from well outside its small niche market, thanks to its “relaxed atmosphere” in the city’s “techno-heavy nightlife.”

The parties feature Israeli and Jewish music — Deutsche Welle reports that a recent installment included “Hebrew hit ‘Nagali hava,’ “which we imagine is a well-intended reference to “Hava Nagila.”

Like another gay Jewish party promoter we can think of, Netter invents attention-getting names and slogans for his parties, including “Unkosher Jewish Night” and “Today we’re all Jews!”

A resident of the German capital for seven years, the non-religious Netter, 30, says Meshugge Berlin provides a way for him to connect to his Jewish background. His mother has traveled from Israel to visit him in Berlin, though his father has not. The Israeli DJ declines to discuss his family background, “saying that the Berlin party scene does not belong in the same article as the Holocaust.”

Meshugge Berlin, which was held once every three months when it started, now takes place every two weeks.