Lebanese cosmetic surgeons are so desperate for their clients to look svelte that they’ve recently been breaking the boycott on Israeli goods, and importing black-market cosmetic surgery products from the Zionist entity, Beirut-based newspaper Al-Akhbar reported on Monday.

Israeli companies have “invaded” the Lebanese market for high-end cosmetic surgery, charged the Campaign to Boycott Israel Supporters in Lebanon. The companies reportedly ship their products to the US, and then have them repackaged and shipped to Dubai and on to Beirut.

The Lebanese importers tend to “conceal their primary source or that they originate in Israel,” so customers seeking to lase away unwanted hair don’t realize they’re supporting the Israeli economy, the report said.

Medical equipment produced by least four Israeli companies — SyneronLumenisAlma, and Invasix — was found in Lebanese doctors’ offices, and is advertised on Lebanese television.

The treatments Lebanese customers seek and only Israeli tech can provide include anti-wrinkle instruments, laser hair removal, Botox, liposuction, varicose treatment, and hair transplants.

Doctors and import companies questioned by the paper as to whether they knew about the Israeli origins of the goods made no comment.