The broadcast slots for this month’s election campaign advertising will be determined by luck of the draw and not by the large parties, the head of the Central Election Committee decided Tuesday evening, explaining this was “fair and logical.”

Air time, on both the national radio stations and the public TV channels, will be allocated randomly, Elyakim Rubinstein, the Supreme Court judge who heads the committee, announced after an appeal by the Eretz Hadashah (New Country) party.

Kadima, Likud-Beytenu and Shas representatives on the committee had objected to the change.

There was no legal reason to uphold the tradition of allowing representatives of the larger parties to decide the running order of the daily campaign ads lineup, Rubinstein said. The previous method gave the dominant factions an advantage over smaller ones, and new parties were always outgunned by existing ones.

“The fair, logical and equal way to decide the matter is by lottery,” the committee head said.