Airport workers agreed to call off a planned strike over wages and working conditions as a long-simmering labor dispute was seemingly resolved on Sunday.

The Ben Gurion Airport Authority, the Histadrut Labor Union and the Ben Gurion Airport workers union met Sunday morning and agreed that the airport would take responsibility for regulating the salaries and conditions of subcontracted workers employed at Ben Gurion.

The contracts of around 1,000 workers will be transferred to the Airport Authority, who will directly oversee their salaries, instead of their current third-party employer. The employees, who are mostly cleaning and maintenance workers, had complained of sub-standard conditions.

On Friday, the entire body of airport workers said they would walk off the job at the beginning of the week in support of the subcontracted employees.

In February, a five-day strike general strike was called by the Histadrut over issues relating to subcontracted workers.