Narcotics cops in Tel Aviv shut down a sushi-based cocaine ring that was providing nose candy through coded sushi home delivery orders, it was reported Thursday.

Police said that a Tel Aviv sushi restaurant would take coded orders from clients and then deliver cocaine to their homes, according to Ynet. Clientele included a prominent psychologist, a well known hairstylist and city hall employees. Investigators are said to have acquired the names of over 300 people who ordered drugs through the sushi restaurant/cocaine distribution center.

Customers paid around NIS 400 – NIS 500 ($100 – $130) per gram for the narcotic, the report said.

“This is not a street junkie network but one that deals with people with respectable professions,” Chief Superintendant Nissim Daudi said

Police believe that the sting took out one of the city’s main cocaine dealers.