Social activist Daphni Leef on Saturday blamed police for the violence that took place during a demonstration on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard on Friday.

“They treated us like we were enemies of the state,” said Leef, who was arrested and injured in the course of Friday’s protests.

She added that the social justice protests must continue and that demonstrators must fight for the sake of democracy. “Something has got to change,” Leef said.

Demonstrators were expected to protest Friday’s police brutality Saturday night in Tel Aviv.

Leef was treated Saturday for injuries sustained during clashes with police Friday evening. Her arm was placed in a cast.

Leef and 11 others were arrested in what was widely described as a violent crowd control sweep by police officers.

According to Leef, her requests for medical treatment while in police custody went unanswered for seven hours. After police conditionally released the activists, Leef’s lawyer stated that the detention had “crossed a red line.”

Police officials told Israel Radio that the arrested activists would be indicted, but made no comment regarding Leef’s alleged mistreatment.

Leef and hundreds of demonstrators were attempting to revive last summer’s wave of social protests by pitching tents on the central Tel Aviv street, as they did 12 months ago.

Activists on Friday were met by police and other municipal officials, who prevented the crowds from erecting any structures. The melee that ensued spawned accusations of violence and assault from both sides.