From hats and sayings to centuries-old traditions, the Berlin Jewish Museum, in conjunction with the Jewish Museum Hohenems, presents different questions and theories on the ebb and flow of Judaism — what makes the religion stand out and what makes it universal — in a captivating way.

Below are a few words from the exhibition’s curators:

A rabbi is asked why Jews always answer a question with another question. “Why not?” he replies. The response throws the question back to the asker, provoking him or her to rethink the matter independently. At the same time, refusing to answer the question expresses the belief that there are no right or wrong answers, but a large number of valid responses.

With the exhibition “The Whole Truth,” the Jewish Museum Berlin confronts various questions about Judaism and being Jewish: the FAQs, the difficult questions, the funny questions, the clever questions, and the questions that really have no answer.

Some of them make the questioner uneasy, some are politically incorrect, while others betray something about the person who asks them.

How does someone become a Jew? What am I, if my mother is Christian and my father is Jewish? What is the Jewish take on Jesus and Mohammed? Are the Jews a Chosen People?

With an even-handed and witty touch, we present questions through extraordinary objects and installations taken from religious practice, everyday life and contemporary art.

The exhibition runs from March 21, 2013 through September 1, 2013.