Dan Halutz, the former chief of the General Staff who registered as a member of Kadima under Tzipi Livni’s leadership, said Saturday night he was quitting the party amid the dispute over universal conscription.

“I am leaving Kadima,” Halutz, who had hoped to run for the Knesset in the next elections, told Channel 2 news. “And I would suggest that all those who joined the party in my footsteps reconsider.”

Halutz, the chief of the General Staff at the time of the 2006 Second Lebanon War, said he was sick of the political “games” over the issue, which have seen Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz, also a former chief of the General Staff, at odds with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Halutz was speaking from Tel Aviv, where he was about to participate in the so-called “Suckers’ Rally,” led by IDF reservists, in support of equal IDF or other national service for all Israelis, notably including the ultra-Orthodox and Israeli Arab sectors.