Former Netanyahu adviser joins Jewish Home

Former Netanyahu adviser joins Jewish Home

Shalom Shlomo to serve as political aide to party chairman Naftali Bennett

Adiv Sterman is a breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.

Shalom Shlomo, Benjamin Netanyahu’s political adviser until a year ago, will serve in the same role for the head of the chief right-wing rival to Netanyahu’s Likud, the Jewish Home party, in the upcoming elections, the Maariv daily reported Wednesday.

Shlomo and Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett both served as advisers in Netanyahu’s office while the Likud was in opposition. Bennett left the Likud over policy disagreements with Netanyahu.

Recently, Shlomo oversaw Jewish Home and National Union’s negotiations as the the two parties arranged to to run on a joint list, and was present at a number of political events organized by Bennett.

“After managing the negotiations, Shlomo became the party’s political adviser,” said the joint list’s representative, MK Uri Uriel. “It was a natural step for him, as he had advised Bennett even before the merger.”

Over the past five years, Shlomo served as Netanyahu’s political adviser and accompanied him throughout his current term as prime minister. Shlomo was the main initiator of the “Mofaz Law,” which enabled seven Kadima Knesset Members to leave their party and join the Likud. He also played a large role in the unsuccessful attempt to divide Kadima a year ago.

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