The Jewish Agency on Saturday shut down its website after a number of attacks from hackers made it “temporarily unavailable for short periods of time,” the agency said in a press release.

The agency released a statement Tuesday explaining that starting Friday its website experienced attacks originating in Austria, Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia and other nations.

The decision to shut down the site was made by chief information officer Dov Yahav. There was concern for data stored on the site and the decision was taken to minimize the risk of damage, the announcement said.

The Jewish Agency for Israel is a semi-governmental organization overseeing immigration to Israel, which has recently begun focusing on Diaspora relations as well.

The site went live on Sunday after security upgrades were implemented.

Speaking at the annual meeting of Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies last month, Israel Electric Company director Yiftach Ron-Tal said Israel is attacked 1,000 times a minute by cyber-terrorists targeting the country’s infrastructure — water, electricity, communications, and other important services.

David Shamah contributed to this report.