If you think that ultra-Orthodox Jewish women are oppressed, suppressed and depressed, think again, writes a Hassidic woman in a new online post that’s been making waves on the Net.

The author, a woman called Chaya, who says she’s tired of the way the media portrays religious Jewish women, writes that “When you slam Orthodox Jews because you think you’re defending or somehow liberating the women of our communities, you’re actually doing us a huge disservice.”

In the article, posted in women’s issues website xojane.com, Chaya writes openly about life as a Hassidic woman inviting readers into the (very) private lives of her ilk, describing the spiritual and practical details of religious sexual behavior.

“G-d likes it when a married Jewish couple has sex. Jews never got a message that sex is dirty. We think sex is good. It is so good that having it is actually a commandment,” writes Chaya.

She also takes care to dispel the myth that religious couples have sex through a hole cut out of a sheet. “I don’t know who made up the dumb story about having sex through a sheet, but let’s bury that old chestnut now. Having sex through a sheet is actually prohibited by Torah and we are commanded explicitly by G-d to get totally naked to shag. Just in case you’re wondering,” she writes.

Chaya concludes by asking readers to examine their misconceptions about religious Jewish women and keep in mind that they are intelligent and independent, capable of choosing how they want to live.

“The next time you see a Jewish lady in a wig pushing a baby carriage through Brooklyn, I hope you won’t see an imprisoned waif who is just waiting to be liberated,” urges Chaya.