When 8-year-old Yael Asheri saw a sparrowhawk being attacked by several street cats in the parking lot of her apartment building, Sunday evening, she jumped into action.

Yael told Israel Radio that she and her brother managed to gather up the bird in their mom’s sweater and take it to their home in the upscale neighborhood of Ramat Aviv, in north Tel Aviv.

After unsuccessfully attempting to feed the injured hawk, Yael and her family brought the rare bird to the animal hospital at the Ramat Gan Safari. There the bird received antibiotics and liquids. An x-ray revealed that it had a broken wing, which was surgically mended.

Veterinarians at the Safari said that the bird is recovering, but they are concerned about its nutrition. This particular breed of sparrowhawk usually attacks its prey in the air and eats mid-flight. While the bird is still under care at the Safari hospital, it has been difficult to feed it.

When handing the bird over for treatment, Yael included a note requesting updates on the injured creature’s status, as well as a drawing of the hawk and a “get well note” for her newfound feathered friend.