Construction of a new security barrier around the northern town of Metulla started on Monday morning. Lebanon’s foreign minister said his country was against Israel building on “stolen Palestinian lands.”

The barrier, which will be a kilometer long and several meters high, will be built mainly of concrete and will protect the town’s 1,600 residents from direct sniper fire from nearby Lebanese villages.

Israel Radio reported that Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour condemned Israel’s actions, saying that his country would react harshly if Israel crossed into their territory.

“Israel is an enemy country,” Adnan noted, saying the barrier was being built on occupied Palestinian land. According to the report, Israel notified the Lebanese government about the infrastructure work through UNIFIL, the UN’s force along the border, and UNIFIL told Lebanon it could not act against the move, since it was all being done on Israel’s side of the border.

The construction of the wall was set to be completed in a few weeks.

Israel’s border with Lebanon stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the Hermon mountain range.

Though quiet in recent months, the area has in the past seen cross-border raids by militants and attacks against Israeli citizens and soldiers, as well as rocket and sniper fire directed at Israel from Lebanon.