In first, Israeli tax evader extradited from the US

In first, Israeli tax evader extradited from the US

Contractor Aharon Barashi, who fled to Florida in 2003 after being indicted for owing 17.5 NIS million, is cooperating with authorities

Aharon Barashi, an Israeli building contractor who has confessed to evading taxes to the tune of some NIS 17.5 million (some $4.6 million), was extradited last week from the US.

It is the first time an Israeli accused of tax offenses in Israel has been extradited from the US.

Barashi fled to the US in 2003 and settled in the Miami area, after being indicted in Jerusalem for owing taxes related to a contracting business he operated from 1997 to 2001.

He is reportedly cooperating with the authorities, and thus his transfer to Israel was expedited after he was arrested in November.

According to Globes, Barashi struck a plea bargain with the Jerusalem district State Attorney’s office and was convicted last Thursday by the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court, with sentencing to be handed down later this week.

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