Netanya resident Raphael Meyuhas, 26, won the International Bible Contest for adults Wednesday night in Jerusalem, beating out 15 other candidates from around the world for total Bible knowledge supremacy.

Correctly identifying obscure biblical quotes, and displaying a dizzying knowledge of esoterica on everyone from Adam to Nehemia, Meyuhas notched a perfect score and became the first adult to take home the prize after a 32 year break in which the contest was not held.

In the final stage, Meyuhas managed to correctly answer every one of the eight questions posed to him by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, winning the NIS 40,000 prize (almost $10,000).

Rabbi Ezra Fraser of the USA was the runner up, followed by Canadian contestant Dr. Lenny Werner.

“The Hebrew Bible is the birth certificate and identity card of every Jew,” Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar said at the event. “The International Bible Contest contributes to the strengthening of the people’s spirit and tightens the bond between all parts of our nation.”

Twenty-seven contestants from around the world were brought to Israel to compete in the event, 16 of whom made it to the final round. Attending the televised contest were representatives from 14 different countries which included Spain, India, Panama and France.