A 70 year-old Israeli tourist in Macedonia became the latest in a recent spate of fatalities abroad when he plunged to his death from a cliff in a nature reserve in the Matka region where he was on vacation.

The body of the man was discovered by a search-and-rescue team on Sunday, three days after he was reported missing. The name of the man, a resident of central Israel, has yet to be released.

Sources in the Foreign Ministry confirmed that the ministry is working with the Israeli Consulate in Croatia and with Macedonian authorities to bring the body back to Israel for burial in the next few days.

Last Friday, 63 year-old Shoshana Maizel was killed when her jeep flipped over while on an expedition in India. Earlier in the week, one of the founders of the Jewish-Arab village of Neveh Shalom, 45-year-old Ahmad Hajazi, was killed along with his 9-year-old son Adam in a car accident in Zanzibar.