‘Jew Girl’ replaces ‘New Girl’
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‘Jew Girl’ replaces ‘New Girl’

Comedy website Funny or Die puts a Semitic spin on popular US sitcom

The Jew Girl (photo credit: Funny or Die screenshot)
The Jew Girl (photo credit: Funny or Die screenshot)

“New Girl” has been replaced by “The Jew Girl.”

Comedy website Funny or Die on Monday released a parody of the popular American sitcom, offering a studied send-up of the original’s love-it-or-hate-it quirkiness.

While the real TV series stars Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel, the Funny or Die clip focuses on Bess, played by the sketch’s co-writer, Jenn Schatz. The segment features the same general set-up as the sitcom, about a 30-ish woman who moves in with three single men. But in the Funny or Die version, every scene involves a Jewish element, whether it’s Bess dropping words in Yiddish or Hebrew, or lapsing into an awkward digression about her bat mitzva.

Presented as a spin-off of “New Girl,” “The Jew Girl” revisits elements of the Fox sitcom’s first season, including a plot line in which the title character sees a housemate naked after he steps out of the shower. (“Whoa, why does your schmeckel look like it’s wearing a turtleneck?” Bess asks.)

In less than two minutes, the parody mimics the arc of a standard “New Girl” episode, resolving tensions between the roommates and re-appropriating its famous promotional tag line, “Adorkable,” as “A-Jew-able.” Schatz proves a skilled impersonator of Zooey Deschanel, who plays the title character on the Fox series.

Of course, “New Girl” itself regularly jokes about Jewish topics, thanks to Schmidt, arguably the first season’s breakout character. The sex-obsessed former bar mitzva boy, played by Max Greenfield, even has a Jewish-themed catchphrase of his own.

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