Israeli-American spy Jonathan Pollard’s condition is in stable condition and is improving, the Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home said Monday. He had collapsed Saturday in his jail cell at the Federal Correction Institution in Butner, North Carolina, after complaining of being in serious pain for several weeks.

He is being monitored by the hospital and is being treated with medication and pain relievers. He is believed to be suffering from kidney and gall bladder complications, and the incident is likely the result of a deterioration in his overall condition, his wife Esther added.

In April, Pollard was hospitalized for a week and a half with a life-threatening condition before being returned to his cell.

The committee said that Pollard’s wife has been receiving updates about her husband’s condition. She and the committee have called on people to pray for his recovery.

“Because of his long years of incarceration under harsh conditions (including seven years in solitary confinement), inadequate nutrition, and inadequate medical care, Jonathan is suffering from numerous medical conditions,” the committee said in a statement Sunday. “The compounded effect of these multiple medical issues is wreaking havoc on his overall health and threatening his ability to survive. His body is simply worn out.”

The statement called for Pollard’s “speedy release from prison so that he can finally get the medical attention he desperately needs, at home, in a humane and safe environment.”

Pollard has suffered from a variety of illnesses since being imprisoned for life in 1986 after accepting a plea bargain for spying for Israel while working as a civilian analyst for the US Navy.

Esther Pollard recently asked President Barack Obama to grant clemency for her husband, since US presidents often grant clemency requests from Thanksgiving through the winter holidays.

The calls to release Pollard have intensified in recent months, with pleas from lawmakers and former top officials of both US political parties.

Pollard has been hospitalized several times during his time in prison. In April, he was rushed to a federal hospital outside the prison on the eve of Passover suffering from an unspecified emergency condition.