Jordan has appointed a new ambassador to Israel, Jordanian-based Ammon News reported Friday, citing a government source.

According to the report, the Hashemite Kingdom’s Council of Ministers named Walid Obeidat, a career diplomat in the country’s foreign service, to the post, which has been vacant since Jordan withdrew its last envoy to Israel in 2010.

Obeidat is expected to travel to Tel Aviv next month, becoming the fifth Jordanian ambassador to Israel since the signing of a peace treaty between the two countries in 1994.

The Kingdom’s Foreign Affairs Ministry had consulted the Israeli government before making the appointment, reported Ammon News.

Reports said Jordan made clear that the appointment did not represent a warming of relations, merely the technical filling of a post that had been vacant.

Still, the appointment comes four weeks after Egypt named a new ambassador to Israel — Atef Salem — filling a post that had been vacant for a year. The appointments would appear to indicate, in unstable times in the region, a commitment to maintaining the respective peace treaties with Israel.