Kadima MK slams ‘Bolshevik’ coalition

Kadima MK slams ‘Bolshevik’ coalition

Nino Abesadze comes out against her party's entrance into ruling government

MK Nino Abesadze (photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)
MK Nino Abesadze (photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)

A Kadima MK spoke out against her party’s entrance into the ruling coalition Friday, joining a growing rank of party leaders speaking out publically against the move.

Speaking at a conference at the ZOA House in Tel Aviv, MK Nino Abesadze slammed the right-wingers she would have to sit next to, calling the coalition a “crazy, Bolvshevik camp.”

“I was in the opposition and I understood the rules of the game and I wasn’t perepared to break them,” she said, according to Channel 10 News. “I understood that in my faction were people like Otniel Schneller and I respected the rules of the game until the last moment. Here, this morning, after all that’s happened this week, I no longer feel I have to respect the rules of the game.”

The centrist Kadima party was carved out of the moderate flanks of the Labor and Likud parties by Ariel Sharon in the lead up to the Gaza pull-out in 2005, bringing together left-wing MKs like Abusadze and those further to the right, like Schneller.

The party was in the opposition since 2009, when the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took power, until earlier this week, when the party joined Netanyahu’s coalition in a surprise move.

Several MKs from the party condemned the maneuver, with party co-founder Haim Ramon leaving the party. Others, like MK Nachman Shai, welcomed the move.

Abeszade is part of a group of MKs reportedly mulling splitting off from the party, including Shlomo Molla, Orit Zuaretz, Robert Tiviaev and Majallie Whbee.

Party head Shlomo Mofaz, who brought Kadima into the government, defended the move Thursday, saying it was a “historic opportunity… to bring forth substantial developments for the good of the Israeli public.”

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