‘Shalosh’ becomes ‘Three’

‘Shalosh’ becomes ‘Three’

Variety reports that Keshet has sold another television show, this time to CBS

Jessica Steinberg covers the Sabra scene from south to north and back to the center.

The three women of 'Shalosh' (photo credit: Courtesy)
The three women of 'Shalosh' (photo credit: Courtesy)

As the country holds its collective breath waiting for the outcome next Sunday of Joseph Cedar’s Oscar nomination for “Footnote,” the local small screen industry scored a success with the purchase of another television show by an American network.

The reality show “Shalosh,” from Keshet Broadasting, about three woman of different ages looking for love, was picked up by CBS Entertainment, Variety reported. To be called “Three” in English, it will be produced by Magical Elves in collaboration with director-producer Chris Columbus, who produced and directed part of the “Harry Potter” film series.

It’s the sixth Keshet show to be purchased by American television; the most well-known is “Hatufim,” or “Homeland,” which, in its Showtime incarnation, recently won the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series.

“Three” offers an intimate look at the search for love as three women who have never before met come together to jointly find the right guy for each of them. Unlike some other reality shows in which back-stabbing and competition is the norm, the three women of “Shalosh” develop friendships and offer each other emotional support during the dating and decision-making process.

In Israel, “Shalosh” won high viewer ratings, with more than 2.6 million viewers over the the show’s run and 700,000 viewers per episode, according to the local ratings company. The final episode, in which the three women made their love-life decisions, had around a million viewers, while the show’s Facebook page has nearly 24,000 “likes.”

According to Variety, while most Israel-US television deals are brokered through agents, this one happened because of a trip that CBS programming chief Nina Tassler took to Israel several months ago, when she met with the Keshet CEO, saw “Shalosh,” and was immediately hooked.

Tassler, an active member of the Los Angeles Jewish Federation, travels to Israel on a regular basis to support the organization’s Tel Aviv master class programs in Israeli television and film. Over the years, she’s become acquainted with her Israeli counterparts and gained access to the local television world.

“Three” is the latest US acquisition of an Israeli show, but according to Variety, isn’t the only consideration out there. NBC recently acquired “Pillars of Smoke,” a drama.

“Pillars of Smoke” was written by Noah Stollman, an American-born screenwriter who is also known for his screen adaptation of A.B. Yehoshua’s book “The Human Resources Manager,” which was the Israel’s foreign film nominee choice for the 2011 Academy Awards.


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