Latina stars dip into hummus, and the Jordan
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Latina stars dip into hummus, and the Jordan

Telenovela actress Maite Perroni and Telemundo host Adamari Lopez get a taste of Israel

Jessica Steinberg covers the Sabra scene from south to north and back to the center.

Maite Perroni and her mother in Tel Aviv (Courtesy Voices of Israel)
Maite Perroni and her mother in Tel Aviv (Courtesy Voices of Israel)

It’s Adamari Lopez’s first trip to Israel and she was already mopping up her hummus with a section of onion, not just with pita, just like the locals. She liked it that much.

“It was great hummus,” said Lopez, who hosts Telemundo morning show “Un Nuevo Día.” “We know that it’s a question mark because everyone thinks they have the best hummus, but this was good.”

Her friend, Mexican telenovela actress and model Maite Perroni, agreed.

They waxed poetic over the knafeh and malabi they ate in Jaffa. Lopez was charmed by Tel Aviv’s artistic graffiti, solar panels and bottle recycling bins. Perroni was still thinking about the food.

“The food has been amazing,” said Perroni. “I’ve gained 10 pounds already.”

The two television personalities are in Israel on a trip organized by private organization America’s Voices in Israel and the Israeli Tourism Ministry, one of the semi-annual tours organized to introduce Israel to American and Latino celebrities. They’re joined by Lopez’s husband, dancer Toni Costa, and Perroni’s mother.

The trip, like all America’s Voices in Israel tours, is geared to show off Israel to celebrities and personalities, and has also offered the opportunity for these Latina stars to connect to their Catholic heritage.

“Being here is like living it,” said Perroni. “It’s the taste of the food, the people, the real day by day. A lot of things are happening here but I want to be here to judge by myself. It’s the same thing in my country.”

Perroni has been Instagraming her experiences throughout the visit; her brother texted her that he saw her being baptized in the Jordan River, which they all did after a visit in Nazareth.

Travel with @amvoicesinisrael and @maitepb 󾍛🏻 Baptized in the River Jordan!・・・Recien bautizada en el Río Jordán en Israel 󾍛🏻 #VisitIsrael #AMVoicesInIsrael

Posted by America's Voices in Israel on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Lopez, who has a live daily morning show, has been recording throughout the trip, showing her audience that she’s in Israel and having a good time.

She’s also met fans in Israel.

“One woman stood crying and shaking, she was so happy to see me,” said Lopez. “It’s a message for the people who live here that we’re willing to come and they should feel proud that they’re from here and that someone they admire comes to their country.”

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