The Iranian leadership is composed of “anti-Semitic fanatics” who want to destroy Israel, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Wednesday, a day after Iranian Vice President Mohammed Reza Rahimi gave a speech blaming drug use on a Jewish conspiracy at an anti-drug conference in Tehran.

Rahimi blamed Jews, Zionism and the Talmud for the worldwide drug trade at the UN-sponsored event, calling it a “bid to annihilate non-Jewish communities.”

He said that the Talmud teaches Jews how to “destroy non-Jews” and denied that there is a “single drug addict among the Zionists.”

In response, Liberman said of the Islamic Republic that the “cornerstone of their plan” is the destruction of Israel.

“Even Hitler said crazy things. Hitler was able to realize his plan, but today the situation is different and the State of Israel will not allow harm to come to any Jew,” he said.

Iran is “endangering world peace and the international community has not yet understood the great danger it poses,” Liberman said, adding that the participation of UN and European representatives at events held in Iran, where anti-Semitic comments are often voiced, legitimized the regime of the Ayatollahs.

The meeting was attended by a group of international diplomats, some of whom expressed dismay and shock at Rahimi’s statements, but allowed the speech and conference to continue.