The 170 bodyguards assigned to 22 government ministers announced Sunday they would hand in their collective resignations if their work conditions were not improved, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

The 170 subcontracted bodyguards do not include bodyguards assigned to the president, prime minister, foreign minister and the defense minister, who are protected by Shin Bet staffers. The subcontracted security personnel work for the Mikud security company, making a base salary of 22 shekels an hour (US $5.92/hour).

The ministerial bodyguards announced a labor dispute about two weeks ago, demanding that they be recognized as state employees and enjoy the same salary and working conditions as the Shin Bet personnel.

According to the Histadrut Labor Federation, which represents the bodyguards, Mikud went back on its promises to its employees, prompting them to declare a strike in early April, which was called off following an order from the National Labor Court.