Although he takes a conservative stance on many issues, it turns out that when it comes to Israel’s national food, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is no stickler for tradition.

Ravenous after a political event, the prime minister stopped for a quick nosh at the Turkish Falafel joint in Acre on Tuesday, eschewing the drippy dollop of tehina that purists insist is the cornerstone of every falafel sandwich in favor of a healthy helping of hummus and hot sauce.

The Turkish Falafel is a more than half-century-old local institution where the prime minister has eaten in the past.

Netanyahu’s team secured the area as Netanyahu scarfed down his snack with Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom. In addition to falafel, the premier treated himself to meat patties, telling the media that he was on a strict diet but that if he was going to break it, he might as well “go all the way.”

“I’ve wanted to eat falafel for so long, and I had the best dish in town,” Netanyahu said.

According to the owner, who declared that he was “euphoric” at the chance to serve Netanyahu, the PM likes it “strongly spicy.”