Nurofen label foul-up calls for children to take adult medication

Nurofen label foul-up calls for children to take adult medication

Health Ministry issues recall but says no danger if kids consumed pills

The Health Ministry warned consumers Tuesday that a batch of a popular painkiller contained instructions that it was suitable for children, when in fact it is not.

According to a press release from the ministry, Reckitt Benckisser pharmaceuticals announced that packaging for its Nurofen pain-killers contained incorrect dosage information.

The error appears on the back of Nurofen 200 mg external packaging. The labels in question offer dosage instructions “for adults and children up to age 12” rather than being printed as “adults and children aged 12 and older.”

Nurofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory used for pain relief and the treatment of cold and flu symptoms.

Reckitt Benckisser is advising customers who have medication with incorrect labeling to return the packaging to the place of purchase and exchange it for a correctly-labeled product.

The ministry also advised the public that in the event that a child under age 12 consumed the medication there is no danger and that the purpose of the announcement is to prevent children under 12 from taking the wrong dosage.

The ministry’s website’s phone numbers for public inquiries are: 08-624-1010 and, for cellular calls, *5400.

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