Police are investigating the owner of a spa that went up in flames Wednesday night for negligence, after it became clear that the business did not have proper permission to operate, and was missing a permit from the fire service.

One man was killed and two women were seriously injured after the Dalus Spa at the Arena Mall in the Herzliya marina caught fire Wednesday evening. Three more people, including the spa’s owner, were treated for smoke inhalation.

According to officials from the Herzliya municipality, the owner of the spa, who took over the business during the summer and oversaw renovation work, never received a business license from the city, after failing to obtain occupancy permits from the police and fire services.

The owner was called in for questioning by the police, who suspect negligence may have been in play. Officials are still investigating the cause of the fire.

While the building was equipped with proper firefighting equipment, police say the emergency signage may not have been up to standards.

The fatality was named as Shalom Bason, 55, the manager of a Bank Hapoalim branch in central Tel Aviv. Bason was there with several other Hapoalim employees as part of a work outing. One of the women seriously injured was also from the bank, and the other was a worker of the spa.

“It was supposed to be a fun day,” one of the women at the spa told Ynet. “Suddenly we heard noise from the sprinklers and a thick smoke started to blanket the room.”

Some 14 fire and rescue teams were called to fight the blaze, which they quickly put under the control.