Safe driving? Far from it!
Driven wild

Safe driving? Far from it!

A snake comes along for the ride and a driver blows up a balloon on the highway

A man handles a snake in Modi'in. (photo credt: Anat Zakai/Flash90)
A man handles a snake in Modi'in. (photo credt: Anat Zakai/Flash90)

They don’t cover this in any safe driving course.

A Safed man was shocked to discover that he had been sharing his truck with a 1-meter-long snake on Monday, while a Nahariya woman was ticketed for blowing up a large balloon while driving on a highway, Ynet reported.

While he was loading the truck, the man noticed that a snake was caught in the door, half of its body outside the truck and the other half inside; apparently, the snake had slithered into the vehicle earlier, while the man was still in the vehicle, and had attempted to follow the driver out when he unwittingly closed the door on the reptile.

The man’s friend ran to fetch a set of tongs with which the men safely held the injured snake at bay. An animal control official who was called to the scene and killed the snake, said it was a non-poisonous coin-marked snake.

Meanwhile, a policeman stopped a woman driving on the Acre-Nahariya highway on Monday when he noticed she was blowing up a balloon that blocked her view of the road while she was driving.

The woman reportedly told the officer that she suffered from a respiratory ailment and that blowing up balloons helped. The officer, who wrote the woman a ticket, noticed a beach ball in the back seat that the woman had also blown up while driving.

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