Should US Jewry boycott settlements?
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Should US Jewry boycott settlements?

Peter Beinart suggests that a 'Zionist B.D.S.' campaign against Jews living over the green line would promote a two-state solution. Do you embrace his cause or do you think it will cause more harm than good?

Elie Leshem is deputy editor of The Times of Israel.

Journalist Peter Beinart, in an op-ed in The New York Times, has called on American Jews to stage a “Zionist B.D.S.” campaign that would boycott all goods manufactured in settlements.

Beinart, whose debut book, “The Crisis of Zionism,” is slated for publication later this month, became a household name in 2010, after an essay he published in The New York Review of Books argued that the hotly contested theory regarding the “distancing” of American Jews from Israel described a real phenomena that was traceable to Israel’s actions over the green line.

Peter Beinart (photo credit: courtesy)
Peter Beinart (photo credit: Courtesy)

In the New York Times piece, which is titled “To Save Israel, Boycott the Settlements,” Beinart states: “The Israeli government and the B.D.S. movement are promoting radically different one-state visions, but together, they are sweeping the two-state solution into history’s dustbin.

“It’s time for a counteroffensive — a campaign to fortify the boundary that keeps alive the hope of a Jewish democratic state alongside a Palestinian one.”

Beinart’s provocative call to arms caused something of a stir over the past few days, eliciting a slew of critiques from left and right. J Street’s Jeremy Ben-Ami — whose steadfast commitment to a two-state solution cannot be impugned — and columnists David Frum and Jeffrey Goldberg were among those to speak out against Beinart’s initiative.

This tweet by Goldberg was one of several in a lively exchange with Beinart on Monday:

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Let’s assume, solely for the sake of argument, that among Zionist Jews there is across-the-board support for territorial compromise with the Palestinians. Do you think that by heeding the call for a “Zionist B.D.S.” campaign, Americans would be furthering the two-state solution, or would the initiative backfire and cause more harm than good? Join the debate in the comments below.


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