Silverman seeks to rock the vote
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Silverman seeks to rock the vote

With 'Let my people vote' plea, foul-mouthed Jewish comedian wades into election on Obama's behalf, again

Invoking a catchphrase from the Bible, comedian Sarah Silverman has reinserted herself into the US presidential race, appearing in a new YouTube clip intended to ensure that supporters of President Barack Obama can vote for his re-election.

Introducing herself as “your Jewish friend, Sarah,” the self-proclaimed bedwetter goes after laws that — depending on your political persuasion — either fight voter fraud or lead to voter suppression.

The foul-mouthed comedian clearly falls into the latter group, criticizing “super-[effed]-up” Republican-backed efforts that are likely to make it harder for certain demographics — “black people, elderly people, poor people and students,” in Silverman’s words — to vote for the Democratic incumbent. “This attempt to prevent voter fraud is itself the only voter fraud taking place,” Silverman says.

The “Take This Waltz” star goes on to note that legal documents such as Social Security cards and veteran IDs won’t pass muster at voting stations in certain states — but notes that in Tennessee, firearm permits will do the trick. The actress then encourages viewers to acquire whatever forms of ID are required to vote, “even if that means taking Nana to get a license to kill.”

The video also directs viewers to a website called Let My People Vote 2012, a name that should ring a bell for anyone familiar with a certain story involving ancient Egypt.

Silverman’s latest bit of political activism follows the splash she made in June with “Scissor Sheldon,” a mischievous video in which she jokingly offered sexual favors to Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson — if he shifted his massive political donations to Obama from GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

Silverman also made headlines in 2008 with “The Great Schlep,” in which she encouraged young Jews to persuade their grandparents to cast their ballots for Obama.

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