Health officials have raised the alarm about what appear to be “counterfeit condoms” being sold at kiosks across the country, fearing they could expose unwitting victims to sexually transmitted diseases.

According to numerous reports on Thursday, a man alerted the Health Ministry to the suspicious condoms after he noticed unusual packaging on a box of what were being sold as Durex brand “fetherlite” condoms. When he saw the packaging declaring the contraceptives the products of the “Wordl’s no.1 condom brand” (and elsewhere as the “Word’s no.1 condom brand”), mismatched serial numbers on the wrappers and a strange oily substance on the products, the man realized that things were not on the up-and-up.

The Health Ministry warned that the condoms, if they are indeed the knock-offs they appear to be, could be prone to tearing — leaving users at risk not only of unwanted pregnancy, but of AIDS and other STDs.

Durex encouraged consumers who fear they may have purchased tainted goods to notify the Health Ministry.