Spanish town goes dental over Jewish history
City seeks membership in Jewish organization

Spanish town goes dental over Jewish history

The Spanish city of Lucena, where scientists have been examining teeth from the Jewish graveyard, wants to join an organization devoted to the country's Jewish past

Maybe it was the Jewish teeth?

Yesterday we brought you an update from Lucena, Spain, where scientists have been digging up teeth from the town’s Jewish cemetery as a way to learn about the food and culture of medieval Jews. Today comes a report from Spanish news site La Cerca that Lucena’s mayor, Juan Perez, is seeking the town’s inclusion in the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters, a non-profit group that promotes the country’s Jewish history via tourism and other cultural activities.

Perez met today with Emiliano Garcia-Page, the mayor of Toledo, one of 23 cities already part of the publicly funded organization. The mayors discussed what Lucena could offer as part of the network, and how the cities might work together to bring attention to their Jewish history.

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