I chose to earn my master’s degree in Diplomacy and Conflict Studies at the IDC, after completing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Yeshiva University, to continue my advancement as a devoted leader for the State of Israel with the objective of joining the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a diplomat. I had visited IDC several times prior to enrolling and knew some people through the Facebook groups, but was still quite nervous to start a new journey in a new place without my old friends or my family. Once I came to campus for orientation my worries were subdued. I have always been a “go-getter” kind of person and my master’s was no exception. I let myself take in all the unique chances for personal development and immediately applied to internships and clubs, both academic or extracurricular. I finally figured out how to use Moodle, make a doctor’s appointment in Israel, and pay bills. I was also chosen to be the class representative for my MA track at the Lauder School of Government.

I even experienced my first set back this week after hearing back from a program from which I had expected an answer other than the one I received; needless to say I was discouraged in the beginning, but then shifted my efforts towards the plethora of other opportunities to be involved and make an impact. I introduced myself to the dean, the administrative staff, my professors, and my classmates. In my classes I met some of the finest diplomats, analysts, and professors in the field of diplomacy and strategy; my classmates were no less fascinating. Never had I ever met so many people from such an assortment of backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities in one place. This is definitely a world of difference from my close knit Jewish community at Yeshiva U, but however diverse, I was able to find my place and I hope to continue to be driven by my enthusiasm and passions for the rest of my time here at IDC.

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