A source close to Kiryat Malachi Mayor Motti Malka signed an agreement with the police to testify as a state witness in the case against him, according to media reports Sunday.

The witness, who was also arrested in connection with the affair, will supply evidence supporting the bribery and sexual assault accusations against Malka in exchange for immunity from prosecution. The witness’s name will not be released for publication.

Police sources told Yedioth Ahronoth that the witness wouldn’t testify on rape charges against Malka, “but certainly about problematic relationships.”

Meanwhile, Malka’s attorney, Zion Amir — famous for representing Moshe Katsav in the former president’s rape trial — announced Sunday that he will no longer be representing Malka since he was called to testify in the case himself.

Malka, along with six City Hall workers, was arrested last week on suspicion of committing a series of sex offenses, including the repeated rape and sexual harassment of a city employee, and accepting bribes from a contractor. During a court hearing last Wednesday, a police representative said that Malka also extorted sex from a single mother in exchange for a discount on her municipal taxes.

The seven suspects are also being questioned regarding alleged financial misconduct. They are suspected of taking bribes, extortion, fraud and breach of trust.