A new national quiz for high school students will focus on the history of the Holocaust, marking an Israeli effort to raise teenagers’ awareness of the devastating events of World War II.

Registration for the so-called Third Generation Quiz, which is being promoted by the Holocaust Learning Center at the Michlalah-Jerusalem College, began on Sunday this week and, according to Yedioth Ahronoth, so far 400 students have applied. The competition is open to religious high school girls in grades 9-12, but organizers said that if it is a success, all sectors of the Israeli school system would be able to take part in future quizzes.

The hope is that the quiz will aid students in learning about the Holocaust in a similar way to organized trips to Poland, in which Israeli high school pupils tour former concentration camps and the exterminated Jewish communities.

The first quiz will focus on the events of the Warsaw Ghetto.Those that advance to the second round will compete against each other early next year before advancing to the final, which will be held in April 2013, coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the final destruction of the ghetto and those imprisoned inside it.

Participants will be expected to demonstrate their knowledge of the struggle by the Jewish fighters resisting the Nazis as well as the day-to-day life inside the ghetto.

The Warsaw Ghetto was established near the end of 1940 and was finally destroyed in April 1943, by which time an estimated 300,000 Jews inside were either killed or sent to death camps.