A dozen firefighting and hazardous materials teams were called to a Haifa plant Thursday morning to deal with a developing emergency as  a hundred tons of flammable chemicals in a tank threatened to burst into flames.

After several hours of efforts the teams succeeded in first cooling and and then diluting the dangerous material.

The incident was reported at the Carmel Olephin plant, which produces chemicals for use in plastic products, including polypropylene and polyethylene.

According to Ynet, a dangerous reaction began after a hundred tons of flammable peroxide began to react after becoming mixed with organic material in a large storage tank.  Emergency teams rushed to cool the tank below the critical temperature of 40 degrees centigrade above which the chemicals could ignite.

Israel Radio reported that the incident started around 7 a.m.

Haifa Bay is home to some of Israel’s largest chemical plants and is often cited as one of the country’s most polluted areas.

Two weeks ago, a leak of acrylamide at Ben-Gurion International Airport, also used to make plastics, was discovered. One man was lightly injured in that incident.