Teeth are tops, Bar tells Conan
Really, Refaeli?

Teeth are tops, Bar tells Conan

World's hottest woman wows world's perkiest chat-show host

Brief encounter. Bar, Conan, that photo. (photo credit: Courtesy)
Brief encounter. Bar, Conan, that photo. (photo credit: Courtesy)

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli, newly crowned hottest woman on the planet, came up with two improbable claims in the space of a mildly flirtatious encounter with Conan O’Brien on Tuesday night.

Improbable claim number one was swiftly quashed by the host. She didn’t quite know how it was she had been selected as world’s most hot one, she simpered. At which point, Conan presented a (discreetly) nude Maxim magazine photo that may have played a part.

Improbable claim number two was that “no one hits on me” — which our host presumably deemed too outrageous to so much as swat aside.

Come to think of it, Refaeli actually squeezed two other unlikely assertions into the brief encounter. She claimed not to be too confident about her body — hence, she said, she hadn’t actually posed nude for the shots; there’d been some underwear, subsequently photo-shopped out.

And she claimed that the first thing she notices about a guy “is his teeth” — prompting some exaggerated facial antics from Conan.

A little overlooked amid the Bar hype, three other Jewish princesses made the Maxim Top 20 — Mila Kunis (#3), Lea Michele (#14) and Scarlett Johannson (#17). Wonder if teeth are tops for them too?

You can watch a video of the interview here.


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