Thai police have arrested an Israeli-Hungarian citizen in Phuket on suspicion that he murdered his business partner, Ynet reported on Wednesday.

Earlier this week Thai police issued an arrest warrant for Moshe David, a businessman suspected of killing his former business partner and disposing of the body in a rubber tree grove near Phuket. Officials said finding David might be the key to solving multiple other unsolved disappearances and they are looking for the bodies of more victims.

Hungarian national Peter Reisz, 47, was found beaten to death on the Thai island last week. He identity was confirmed on Sunday.

Police said Reisz had filled a complaint, claiming David had threatened him and that he feared for his life, days before he disappeared.

The discovery of Reisz’s body could be a key to investigating ”many, many disappearances,” Colonel Kaithong Janthongbai told the Bangkok Post, saying the police had some “useful leads.”

David’s wife, 40-year-old Thai national Duangjit Chuanjit, denied involvement in Reisz’s violent death. Chuanjit confirmed her husband had fallen out with his partner not long before Reisz disappeared, the Phuket Wan reported.