Three Egyptian policemen killed in Sinai car chase

Three Egyptian policemen killed in Sinai car chase

Vehicle overturns during pursuit of 'armed criminals' in troubled peninsula as government cracks down on terror groups

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s state news agency MENA said three policemen were killed and four others injured when their car overturned while chasing a group of criminals in Sinai.

MENA said Sunday the policemen had been chasing a group of armed criminals on the international road in central Sinai.

Egyptian army and police are sending more reinforcements to arrest a group of militants who last Sunday gunned down 16 soldiers as they broke their daily fast for the holy month of Ramadan near the Egyptian-Israeli border.

The attackers then commandeered an armored vehicle and stormed across the border into Israel where six were killed.

MENA also said that a group of militants fired at a security checkpoint before escaping in Sheik Zweid on Saturday in northern Sinai. No casualties were reported.

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