Yehuda Weinstein will testify in the case against his wife, who is suspected of illegally employing a foreign house worker prior to Weinstein’s appointment as attorney general, Channel 1 reported Wednesday.

Deputy Prosecutor Shuki Lamberger approved the state’s request to hear Weinstein’s testimony before a Population, Immigration and Border Administration panel.

The authority recommended the indictment of Aviva Weinstein last month following an investigation into her alleged hiring of an illegal foreign worker.

Authorities learned that Aviva Weinstein hired the Indian national about 18 months ago. By September of last year, the authority had enough evidence to press charges.

Last week the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel called on the police to prosecute Weinstein as well as his wife, saying that in most cases when such charges are pressed, both husband and wife are involved.  Why should the Weinsteins’ case be different, the organization asked.