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Friday, February 22, 2019
Shooting for the moon, engineers cheer successful launch of Beresheet
By Melanie Lidman
$100 million spacecraft could make Israel the fourth country to land on the moon, but for many engineers involved in the project, just the fact that it launched is miraculous
Israel’s $100 million moonshot blasts off with a successful launch
By Melanie Lidman
With overnight launch, Israel aims to be 4th country to land on the moon
By Ben Sales
Gantz, Lapid at joint party launch: ‘Today we are changing the face of Israel’
By TOI staff
Vowing to replace ‘divisive’ PM at first event of Blue and White alliance, ex-army chief reveals his mother, Yesh Atid chief’s father lived in same apartment building in Budapest
Netanyahu urges Israelis: Don’t elect weak, incompetent leftists Gantz and Lapid
By TOI staff
Blue and White, Gesher, Kulanu file party slates hours before deadline
By Raoul Wootliff
Campaign notebook
Arab, religious parties last of record-high 47 slates to register for elections
Procession of candidates come before Central Elections Committee amid flurry of last-minute mergers and splits; Pirate party will recommend ‘the internet’ as Israel’s next PM
Labor’s new No. 2, ex-general Tal Russo, won’t say whether he supports 2 states
By Raoul Wootliff
Arab parties officially running on two tickets: Hadash-Ta’al and Ra’am-Balad
By TOI staff
How the national religious camp moved from land for peace to union with radicals
The dispersal of Modern Orthodox Israelis into diverse political homes over the decades has left a progressively messianic minority in charge of their once dovish party
Times of Israel Presents / Meretz MK condemns Israeli right for politics of ‘hatred’
By Simona Weinglass
Likud joins with defunct party to sidestep legal challenges to Jewish Home deal
By Raoul Wootliff
Gantz-Lapid alliance is a major shake-up, not yet a political revolution
Three ex-IDF chiefs are now lined up against Netanyahu. Branding his rivals as weak leftists is going to be harder. But we’ve yet to see votes moving away from the right
Polls give new Gantz-Lapid faction meaningful lead over Netanyahu’s Likud
By TOI staff
Israel media review / Party poopers: 7 things to know for February 22
By Joshua Davidovich
Remains of hundreds of victims found at former Belarus Jewish ghetto
By Cnaan Liphshiz
Bodies of men, women and children found with gunshot wounds to their skulls; Nazis killed 800,000 Jews in the country during WWII
Polish PM says nation’s Holocaust involvement was ‘individual criminals’
By TOI staff
Poland says US secretary of state supports its stance in spat with Israel
By TOI staff and Agencies
Holocaust survivor’s son quits UK Labour over ‘extremism, anti-Semitism’
By TOI staff and Agencies
Ian Austin, the adopted child of a refugee, is ninth MP to quit the British opposition party, but says he won’t be joining the newly formed centrist Independent Group
UK lecturer accused of anti-Semitism, encouraging vote against Jewish group
By TOI staff
Vandals daub swastikas, anti-Semitic texts on Dutch buildings, Holocaust statue
By Agencies
‘New anti-Semitism’ in Western Europe feels eerily familiar
Phenomenon has mutated yet again, reverting to its 20th-century economic elements and gaining a strong foothold in swelling populist movements
US anti-Semitism envoy tells Jewish leaders Trump committed to protecting Jews
By Sam Sokol
Kippah-wearing supporter of French yellow vests shared anti-Semitic posts
By Cnaan Liphshiz
Unfazed by boycott, Austrian FM shares fond memories of her time in Israel
Karin Kneissl, still shunned by Jerusalem for her ties with far-right Freedom Party, nostalgically recalls meeting Yeshayahu Leibowitz and Yitzhak Shamir in the late 80s
60 arrested as police brace for Temple Mount violence after Friday prayers
By TOI staff
Security forces say dozens in custody, with further arrests expected ahead of prayers at flashpoint Jerusalem compound
IDF: Gaza children being promised NIS 300 ($83) if injured at border protests
By Adam Rasgon
Palestinians say teen killed as thousands riot on Gaza border
By TOI staff
Palestinians move to create list of Israeli products to ban from their markets
By Adam Rasgon
A Jewish guide to the 2019 Oscars
By Gabe Friedman
From Rachel Weisz in ‘The Favourite’ to a Nazi documentary that angered Fox News, here is what to look out for at Sunday’s Academy Awards
Man shoots neighbor with crossbow during fight in West Bank settlement
By TOI staff
Victim taken to hospital with serious wounds; suspect escapes after incident in Adam, but later arrested
Israeli-American gay couple wins lawsuit to have twins recognized as US citizens
By TOI staff and AP
Request was previously denied because boy is not his US parent’s biological son; judge rules children of Americans who marry abroad are citizens if parents married at time of birth
US politics / How Judaism inspires the first openly gay politician in Michigan state office
By Josefin Dolsten
Top Ops
Rafi Eis
Your outrage at the Jewish Home party is misplaced
The real world sometimes entails revolting decisions that compromise our principles for the sake of upholding other principles
Justin Amler
To soar among the heavens
I look at my people, where they have been, and yet what they achieve, and I am convinced that the era of miracles continues unabated
Stephen Horenstein
7 faces of Jerusalem
These portraits in sound capture the hours of a day in the city, from the muezzin to birdsong to the explosion of traffic
Jonathan Sacks
A stiff-necked people
In their stubbornness, Jews are not always willing to bow down to God, but they’re also not willing to bow down to anything less
More Headlines
From Syria, IS slips into Iraq to fight another day
By Qassim Abdul-Zahra and PHILIP ISSA
Palestinian and Israeli leaders launch West Bank economic initiative
By Marcy Oster
Prosecutor: Actor Jussie Smollett gave detailed instructions for fake attack
US to leave ‘peacekeeping group’ of 200 troops in Syria after withdrawal
By AFP and TOI staff
Chuck Schumer among Democratic lawmakers on Coast Guard officer’s hit list
By Marcy Oster
AI may be able to predict spread of melanoma, Israeli scientist says
By TOI staff
40,000 runners take to the streets of Tel Aviv for annual marathon
By TOI staff
Goodbye, Upper West Side / Philip Roth’s New York apartment up for sale
Scammers steal $437k from Hungarian Jews’ synagogue renovation project
By Cnaan Liphshiz
Minor offense / Police pull over car, find 5-year-old at the wheel
By TOI staff
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