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Monday, November 19, 2018
Netanyahu says ‘no need for elections’ now, in apparent bid to save coalition
By Raoul Wootliff
Citing ‘period of sensitive security,’ PM slams junior partners in government for threatening to bring it down
As elections loom, Netanyahu ally slams Bennett’s ‘unprecedented chutzpah’
By TOI staff
Netanyahu set for last-gasp bid to save coalition as budget battle brews
By TOI staff
Live updates (closed)
After Netanyahu speech, Likud members pin political crisis on coalition partners
By Alexander Fulbright
Ministers from ruling party accuse Bennett and Kahlon of threatening government’s stability, echo PM on need for security focus
Israel media review
Netanyahu throws up a Hail Moshe: 8 things to know for November 18
By Joshua Davidovich
The prime minister’s hopes of avoiding his government’s collapse are pinned on a meeting with Kulanu chief Kahlon, with few giving it much chance of succeeding
Bennett, Kahlon said pushing for elections on March 26, but PM still resisting
By Raoul Wootliff
After bitter debate, cabinet approves budget cut to raise cops’ salaries
By TOI staff
Special forces were apparently trying to install spying gear in Gaza, Hamas says
By Adam Rasgon
Terror group claims IDF soldiers were seeking to boost Israel’s eavesdropping capabilities, in incident that touched off an intense round of fighting
Kahlon: We knew Gaza truce would be unpopular, but security chiefs unanimous
By TOI staff
Israel denies reported progress on prisoner swap with Hamas
By TOI staff
Religious passengers push back against claims of violence on El Al flight
By TOI staff
Passenger claims carrier lied and told ultra-Orthodox they would be let off in New York before taking off; airline says it is filing complaints against passengers who used violence
El Al diverts flight after religious passengers cause uproar over Shabbat scare
By TOI staff
10 lessons from that El Al flight to Athens
I’m a transatlantic frequent flyer, and these are my take-aways from a travel experience like no other
Ben Chafetz
El Al, here’s a Shabbos marketing idea for you
Betsalel Steinhart
I’m one of those ‘violent’ religious passengers on El Al #002
Deborah Lipstadt wrote a new book on anti-Semitism. Then Pittsburgh happened
By Ben Sales
Hijabs and kippas may be allowed in Congress for first time since 1837
By Joshua Davidovich
Female Muslim representative Ilhan Omar, who wears a headscarf, pushing to end ban on head coverings in House of Representatives
Fashion statement / Saudi women mount ‘inside-out’ abaya protest
Beit Shemesh’s first female mayor wants her city to be a ray of light for Israel
By Marissa Newman
US mulling ‘consequences’ after Palestinians join international bodies
By Adam Rasgon
State Department calls move by Abbas to sign on to UN agency and 10 conventions ‘counterproductive’; Washington had already planned on cutting funds to UN body
Netanyahu said worried Trump peace plan could hurt Likud in elections
By TOI staff
US Jewish day schools ‘not immune’ to e-cigarette epidemic among teens
By Ben Zehavi
Jerusalem Jewish film fest offers chance to schmooze about food, art and more
By Jessica Steinberg
Six days and 40 screenings bring into sharp focus such trailblazing characters as the first Haredi female judge in the US, a Nuremberg prosecutor, and an Israeli rock music pioneer
Listening to a world of adventures, one magic book at a time
By Federico Maccioni
More Headlines
In rare criticism, IDF officer says army ‘failing its mission’ in West Bank
By Michael Bachner
Man convicted on reduced charge in lynching of Eritrean mistaken for terrorist
By TOI staff
Ex-officer convicted in 2010 IDF scandal, won’t go to jail
By TOI staff
Jewish man said accidentally attacked by left-wing protesters in Philadelphia
By TOI staff
Jordanians angered by Netflix project filming Amman as Tel Aviv
By TOI staff
Ministers confirm Amir Yaron as next Bank of Israel governor
By TOI staff
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