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Monday, February 18, 2019
February winds: The story of one painting
By Inna Rogatchi
A tale of Nazis, Solzenitsyn, Gulag, the unspeakable horror of China’s Laogai camp, and the needed redemption of humanity
The recent victims of unsocial media
The freedom to troll, shame, hurt, and verbally poop online must not get in the way of the freedom to connect, to grow, to support, or even to be silent
It’s time to change how we select Knesset candidates
Primaries often don’t reflect the true will of actual party supporters — voters should weigh in on Election Day
Eli Yishai’s hatred is not just for my kids
The Yachad party’s desperate campaign is loaded with homophobia and a list of other hatreds
Dan Coats doesn’t ‘believe’ Iran is developing a bomb?
The US intel director’s choice of wording in his Capitol Hill testimony speaks volumes about his dubious assessment
US Jews have concerns for Israel unrelated to Netanyahu
Americans who say the Jewish state must deal only with liberal democracies should know they are kissing peace with the Palestinians goodbye
The day after Abbas
With a split from Hamas likely, it may all boil down to the economy when Palestinians next go to the polls
Oh please, Birthright is more than a ‘fluid exchange’
The quip is a cheap shot — some truly meaningful moments happen when Americans and Israelis just hang out together
The RCA said no to women rabbis
We are speaking out against those who contravene this policy, for the sake of our conscience and to prevent the weakening of Torah standards
In Memoriam
Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein: ‘One is the number that matters’
That was his lasting message to us all: we must rid the world of suffering, human being by human being
Mornings with Murray
By Dov Lipman
At the end of every day, you must ask yourself: ’What did I learn today that I didn’t know yesterday?’
more Choice voices
Sally Abrams
What if the actual Exodus were a movie?
It’s not. But the ancient texts and rituals offer us so much more
Shlomo Brody
When Shalva chose Shabbat over Eurovision
Israel has failed its religious Jews by not doing more to ensure their ability to participate in cultural and sports events
Michelle Orrelle
The day I gave the Israeli Navy a piece of my mind
How does one prepare to give her child to those who cannot guarantee his safe return?
Halie Soifer
Jewish Americans reject Trump’s theatrics
The US president’s reckless actions and policies in office speak volumes more than the 82 minutes of his State of the Union address
Julie Nathan
Australia’s far right embraces the ’White Replacement’ myth
An ominous trend imagines a global Jewish plot to ’import’ non-Europeans in order to destroy European culture
David Sedley
Fine and dandy
Even if your clothes are fabulous, there are times when you’ll have nothing to hide behind, and must be who you truly are
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