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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
George H. W. Bush always saw us as real people
By Natan Sharansky
The late president and his wife Barbara repeatedly helped Soviet Jews — they knew us and they cared
The day President Trump announced the US Embassy move to Jerusalem
It was a critical milestone in US foreign policy, it took courage and it improved the prospects for peace
the wow factor
This you call a miracle?
Doesn’t Chanukah deserve an astounding, unusual celebration? Unless that banal tiny bit of light is exactly the point
living history
Hanukkah: We will never repeat the past, we will always repeat the past
The festival is profound, not as a metaphor for current politics, but as a universal tale of humans facing familiar dilemmas
shining example
If Hanukkah is all about radiating light to the dark, outer world, why do we light candles in the privacy of our own homes?
It was the question mark that threw me
Who’d have believed that the Promised Land of America’s Jews could feel so unpromising
Bye-bye bibi
Don’t let elections get you down
Bibi doesn’t have to be a shoo-in; if likeminded parties close ranks and — horrors! — work together, he doesn’t stand a chance
British pride
Would a 2nd referendum reverse Brexit? Not certain
Many ’leavers’ will stick to their guns, not out of stupidity, but because they value nationhood over prosperity
Track II diplomacy
The dogs of war make headlines, the lions of peace make…peace
Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians have been partnering on tangible projects that build trust and hope. Who knew?
Jason Fredric Gilbert
Gluten-free sufganiyot
She’s telling me about something. I can’t say exactly what. Words that lead to sentences adorned by delicate hand gestures for emphasis. Her face lights up and the neurons fire a signal. Smile. Say Uh-huh. I do. And nod. But my thoughts are a million miles away. I can hear Al Stewart’s “The Year of the Cat” in my head. I haven’t heard that song since 1989. Why now? Ugh. My brain is a monkey on meth. I abandon her there in the living room and escape to one...
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Varda Spiegel
When Hanukkah paranoia is small potatoes
Did the New York Times diss latkes when it recently took down french fries?
Ruth Tepler Roth
Mental illness is the world’s new ‘cancer’ — shhh!
Really, there’s only one flaw that should get in the way of ’making a match’ — that of poor character
Alon Tal
My IDF daughter and her new opportunities
Fighting the pathology of chauvinism women face in Israel — from unequal pay to sexual harassment — must begin in the military
Faisal Al Yafai
Raed Fares is dead, so is Syria’s ‘Revolution of Ideas’
The killing of a leading pro-Democracy activist underscores how prolonged violence has decimated political discourse
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