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Sunday, February 25, 2018
Next-gen printers put through their paces at Kiryat Gat powerhouse Indigo
By Shoshanna Solomon
HP division that began as pioneering Israeli digital printing startup now employs 3,000 people in Israel and exports $1 billion worth of presses
Israeli researchers say they have found DNA signals for preeclampsia
By Shoshanna Solomon
Discovery signals potential for early warning blood test for dangerous complication that can interfere with blood flow to placenta
In find of biblical proportions, seal of Prophet Isaiah said found in Jerusalem
By Amanda Borschel-Dan
Chanced upon near a seal identified with King Hezekiah, a tiny clay piece may be the first-ever proof of the prophet, though a missing letter leaves room for doubt
Bezeq owner reportedly recorded ordering favorable coverage for Netanyahu
By TOI staff
Walla news site CEO Ilan Yeshua said to provide investigators with recordings of Shaul Elovitch that may prove a quid pro quo for decisions favoring the telecom giant
Saudi Arabia to invest $64 billion in entertainment in next decade
With 5,000 events planned for 2018, kingdom continues to push Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's program of social and economic reforms
Liron Velleman
The death of Israel Apartheid Week on UK campuses
This week, thousands of Jewish students are walking onto their university campuses to be greeted by… nothing. Well, nothing out of the ordinary, that is. Academics are teaching; students are studying. There are sports games, library visits, lunch breaks, submission deadlines, placements, supervisions, J-Soc socials… But that’s all. Why is this noteworthy? Surely a regular week at university does not warrant a 500-word article. But this week is not like all other weeks. It’s Israel Apartheid Week. Since the campaign began in 2005, events have taken place on more than 20 campuses...
Intel earmarks massive $5 billion for new investment in southern Israel plant
By Shoshanna Solomon
Investment plan comes on heels of $6 billion upgrade of the same facility announced by Intel in 2014 for production of Intel's next generation computer chips
State witness, editor testify in Bezeq case said to involve Netanyahu
By Michael Bachner
Former ministry head Shlomo Filber cooperating in probe of news site that gave PM positive coverage, allegedly in exchange for policies that benefited its owner
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