Samuel J. Crystal

Then the guy said ‘Gas all of them’

He witnessed the kind of bigotry he attributes to the Trump victory, but did he handle it the right way?

Yael Eckstein

The election is over, now the work begins

It’s time to end the vitriol and recognize the importance of unity, compromise, critical thinking, and respect

Avi Shamir

How dare you call me a traitor

A response to a poll that found nearly half of Israeli Jews say left-wingers are not loyal to the state

Raphael Poch

A letter from Israel’s first deaf EMT

Her message: If a person with a disability tells you about their dream, think of ways to help this person succeed

Stephen Hazan Arnoff

The still, small voice of Leonard Cohen

The prescience of the singer-songwriter’s 1992 lyrics describing the engine of survival, in the week of his shloshim