Jonathan Sacks

From despair to hope

The Parsha Even Moses thought himself a failure, making his journey from despair to strength a tutorial in faith (Behaalotcha)

Yuval Krausz

My friends, Beno and Ami

He’s sure he’d have saved the packers of pepper from Hamas terror back in ’92, if he’d only been there with his AK-47

Sara Hurwitz

A clear, credentialed path for women

As recently as 7 years ago, the landscape for female Jewish leaders was lonely; no more, thanks to Yeshivat Maharat

Alex Benjamin

View from Brussels: Brexit and Israel

The EU lost a strong pro-Israel voice; East Central Europe may fill the breach — if things don’t collapse entirely

Jonathan Leener

Fathers, rabbis and guns

Religious leaders have a moral imperative to protest gun violence and demand reform