Howard Feldman

I killed a pigeon and I didn’t like it

It takes a certain kind of effort to squelch one’s humanity and drive a vehicle into a crowd of people

Jarrod Tanny

American Jews’ focus on Zionism

Every US Jew has the right to stand up to resurgent anti-Semitism without participating in a discussion about Israel

Joanne Palmer

Hate has no home here

Americans across the US protested demonizing the ‘other,’ instead praising community and even each other’s differences

Avi Weiss

The unnerved Jews of Charlottesville

When white supremacists divide America, police, rabbis, and local citizens of all nationalities need to join together to overcome

Yoseif Bloch

Pure SJW territory

Weekly Parsha ‘Social Justice Warrior,’ the social media label that mocks liberals, has roots in the Torah, where it’s a good thing