Nadiya Al-Noor

How a Muslim also became a Zionist

She discovered by accident that Israel was not the Evil Oppressor she’d heard so much about — now she builds bridges

David M. Elcott

Bring the Falashmura home!

The Israeli government’s cancelation of plans to bring over the last Ethiopian Jews is cruel and tinged with racism

Gideon Taylor

Poland closes a door to survivors

A Warsaw court ruling that permits no restitution to those who lost their homes leaves a historic debt unpaid

Daniel Sokatch

Mr. Prime Minister, words aren’t enough

Netanyahu’s video message to Arab citizens contrasts sharply with his record of eroding democratic freedoms

Alon Goshen-Gottstein

Fethullah Gulen stood up for Israel

The Turkish religious leader accused of plotting a coup respects democracy, the rule of law and Israeli sovereignty