Time to rethink philanthropy

Needed, a new approach that builds an ecosystem to empower, inspire, educate and engage those who give

Shira Pasternak Be'eri

Hula magic

Dazzled at a northern Israel nature reserve that’s a pitstop for some of the 500 million birds heading to Africa

Eylon Aslan-Levy

Want joie de vivre? It’s in Tel Aviv

When The Economist holds Tel Aviv up as a symbol of a city cowed by terror, the only answer is au contraire!

Rolene Marks

A sad farewell to Maurice Ostroff

In Memoriam The nation lost a passionate champion for Israel’s cause, who was also a valued and prolific Times of Israel blogger

David E. Weisberg

Hillary knows Islam

On the Democratic front runner’s claim Muslims have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism: Wait, nothing?