Nathan Lopes Cardozo

God, where are You?

An open letter to the Almighty that asks: After the murders in Israel, how can one continue to worship You?

Avi Issacharoff

Moving the match away from the powder keg

Op-ed: The prime minister’s decision to ban all parties with vested interests from going to the Temple Mount is one of the wisest made here in recent years

Ehud Yaari

Russia pursues a new Baghdad Pact

Analysis How Vladimir Putin is forging muscular new alliances with an eye to reasserting Russian leadership in the Mideast

Lee-at Salomon

How the Henkins’ neighbors celebrated

For Simchat Torah, 3 days after the murders, there was candy, Torah study and an effort to light up the darkness

Michael Hilkowitz

Bennett, settlements and my cracked skull

Responding to terror by building more Jewish homes in the West Bank makes no sense, whether you’re right or left