Yemen reportedly interrogates alleged Israeli spy

Yemen reportedly interrogates alleged Israeli spy

News of first ever Israeli spy in Yemen resembles report from September

Elhanan Miller is the former Arab affairs reporter for The Times of Israel

Authorities in Yemen are investigating an alleged Israeli spy arrested in the country weeks ago, local media reported on Wednesday. The few details released on the case resemble Yemeni reports on the arrest of an Israeli agent from September.

Unnamed security sources told local daily Aden Al-Ghad that the man, known by the name of Ali Abdullah Muhsin Al-Haimi Al-Sayaghi or Ibrahim Al-Dir’i, carries Israeli citizenship. He was arrested by Yemeni security in the Taizz province, then transferred to an Aden prison two weeks ago, where he is undergoing investigation under a veil of secrecy.

The Yemeni daily features the photo of an official letter between the head of Taizz’s criminal investigation department Abdul Hakim Mahbashi and criminal investigation officials in Aden attached to Al-Dir’is personal belongings. In the letter, Mahbashi refers to Dir’i as “a Jewish national.”

According to the daily, this is the first case of an Israeli citizen being investigated by Yemeni security, who speculate that he is part of a larger espionage chain active in Yemen.

In September, Islamist Yemeni magazine Al-Nas reported the arrest of an Israeli Mossad agent in Taizz province named Abraham. It is unclear weather Al-Dir’i is the same man.

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