The Yesh Atid (“There is a Future”) party, headed by former journalist and newscaster Yair Lapid, announced Saturday that it would submit a petition on Sunday concerning equal service for all Israeli citizens, both religious and secular.

“The Yesh Atid party has written in stone that it will not join a government that will not solve the problem of the inequality in the burden of service to the state,” read a statement released by the party on Saturday night.

The statement said that the petition, which will be posted on the wall of the Kirya (IDF headquarters) in Tel Aviv and will be available for signing throughout the day, will “call on the public to support only those parties that will commit to not joining a government that won’t solve the problem of the unequal burden shouldered alone by the middle class, the productive public and the taxpayers.”

According to the statement, Yesh Atid chairman Lapid and other top party officials will sign the petition publicly at 10 am on Sunday.