Belgian terror suspect found with ‘biological material’ during arrest

Algerian national apprehended 3 days after Brussels attacks carried ‘feces, animal remains’ in mix that could provoke serious illness, police say

Illustrative: A police vehicle in Brussels, Belgium, on April 8, 2016. (AP/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)
Illustrative: A police vehicle in Brussels, Belgium, on April 8, 2016. (AP/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)

A terror suspect arrested in Brussels three days after the attacks at the airport and the metro last month was reportedly carrying materials that could have been used to make a biological weapon.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal citing an internal Belgian police report, Abderrahmane Ameuroud, a 38-year-old Algerian national, was found with “a plastic bag containing three identity cards surrounded by excrement and animal testicles.”

The police report said that on jihadist forums “if you mix a combination of excrement, of water and of animal meat for 10 days in a dark place, this can create a toxic reaction.”

“In the case of unprotected contact with this substance, one can be infected by some virus or some bacteria provoking illness like typhoid, tetanus, colibacillosis, botulism, cholera or listeria,” the police report read, as published by the Wall Street Journal.

The report advised those coming into contact with the material to wash their hands with chlorine.

“We have good reasons to believe that Islamic State and some supporters of Islamic State are experimenting with biological weapons,” Belgian police wrote.

According to the Journal, officials at first tried to downplay the findings.

Ameuroud was detained at a train stop in Brussels on March 25 in connection with a terror plot in France that authorities say was at an advanced stage.

On Saturday, Belgian counter-terrorism efforts continued with a raid on an apartment complex in central Brussels, arresting a sixth suspect in connection with the terror attacks in the Belgian capital last month and in Paris last November, claimed by the Islamic State terror group.

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