Behind the Headlines: Women’s History Month with Orthodox feminist matriarch Blu Greenberg

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Tune in now (or on-demand) to a special Behind the Headlines interview, in honor of Women’s History Month, exclusively for the ToI Community.

Pioneer of Orthodox feminism and winner of the Women Who Made a Difference award Blu Greenberg sits down with ToI Ops & Blogs Deputy Editor Anne Gordon to discuss her serendipitous journey into the Orthodox feminist community, how far women have come in the last 50+ years, and work that remains to be done.

Greenberg is well known for her books On Women and Judaism: A View From TraditionHow to Run a Traditional Jewish Household, and Black Bread: Poems, After the Holocaust. She gave the opening address at the first National Jewish Women’s Conference in 1973; she’s chaired the first and second International Conference on Feminism and Orthodoxy; and she is the founder and first president of JOFA, the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance.

The interview can be viewed on YouTube right now by following this link. You can also watch the interview on demand, at your convenience.

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